About the Study

What is this study all about?

We cannot give you specifics regarding exactly what we are measuring (for information on why click here); however, we can tell you that this is a writing study examining how individuals process experiences through writing. At the conclusion of the study we will fully debrief you regarding the nature and purpose of the study.

All information shared by you as a part of this study is strictly confidential.

Who is eligible to be involved?

  • must be over age 18
  • Be able to read, understand, and follow written instructions.
  • Must have experienced some degree of trauma (e.g., car accident, loss of a friend/family member, etc.) or a stressful event (e.g., loss of a relationship, social isolation, bullying, etc.).
  • Must be willing to express yourself through writing for 3 days for 20 minutes each day and then complete some questionnaires (both before you start writing and then again in four weeks).
  • To be sure that our study might be able to benefit you and future populations, we ask that you complete a very short screening questionnaire to make sure you are eligible to be part of the study.

What will I need to do if I join the study?

  • Complete the first questionnaire (5 minutes to complete) to ensure eligibility.
  • Agree to the consent form so you understand your rights.
  • Complete a set of questionnaires before you start the study
  • Write for 20 minutes on 3 consecutive days about a specific topic & get a $5 Amazon.com gift card after your 3rd day of writing
  • Complete a final set of questionnaires one month after you finish your last writing session & get another gift card to Amazon.com- this time for $10.

Will I get anything if I finish the study?

  • You may be eligible for study participation credit from your academic institution (Currently only University of Hawaii at Manoa students)
  • You will receive a $5 Amazon.com gift card if you finish the 3 days of writing AND THEN a $10 gift card to Amazon.com after completing the final set of questionnaires one month after your last writing session
  • Your participation may provide valuable information about how to improve psychological well-being among individuals who experienced a threatening, stressful, or traumatic event.

How do I get started?